Why Should You Choose Nordfab Quick-Fit Ducting?

Known as “The World’s Fastest Ducting”, Nordfab’s Quick-Fit® ductwork is proven to cut both installation and downtime by more than 45%. But what else sets the Nordfab® QF ducting apart from other alternatives on the market? 

Here are a few of the reasons to choose Nordfab for your next project.

Easy and Fast to Install

Quick-Fit® can be easily clipped together without the need of special tools. It can also be extended, re-configured or relocated to other premises, if needed, making it a flexible solution for your manufacturing facility. 

The telescoping Quick-Fit® Adjustable Slip, eliminates the need for precise measurements to give you the freedom to quickly move and clip the system together. 

Compared with flanged ductwork, Nordfab® ducting is seen as the perfect solution for the majority of dust extraction systems.

Leak-Tight Seams

Quick-Fit® is manufactured from galvanised steel or stainless steel with laser-welded seams. This provides a smoother internal surface and enhanced leak resistance, ensuring durability.

Fits various Applications

Perhaps the best quality of the Nordfab® Quick-Fit® ducting is that it can be used in nearly any dust extraction application and is adaptable to your existing ductwork. 

Some of the industries where QF® finds use include the following:   

  • Woodworking;
  • Furniture;
  • Metalworking;
  • Recycling;
  • Automotive Manufacturing; 
  • Agriculture; 
  • Chemical Manufacturing;
  • Ventilation

It is also used in other facilities which produce and work with concrete, plastic, textiles, paper, powders, bulk and solids as well as many more. 

The completely customisable Quick-Fit® ductwork system is ideal for safely transporting dust, mist and fumes out of your workshop.

Buy Nordfab Quick-Fit Ducting from Extractly

As one of the leading UK suppliers of Nordfab® Quick-Fit® ducting, Extractly offers a wide range of products. From ducting components to bends and dampers, you can find all elements you need for your ducting. Shop the full range of QF ductwork today! For more information about the Nordfab ducting please visit our dedicated page or get in touch with a member of our team.