Wood Shredders & Briquetters

Our wood shredders allow you to economically process wood waste in your workshop. Using robust technology, the Votecs shredders supplied by Extractly provide you with a reliable solution.

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Wood Shredders

Guaranteeing you a trouble-free shredding process, our wood shredders operate with high energy-efficiency. We supply different types of shredding machines to suit your requirements including EZ Single-Shaft shredders, VZ Four-Shaft shredder and VHZ Horizontal shredders.

Speak with our experienced engineers to find the perfect solution for your wood extraction needs.

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VHZ Horizontal Shredder

VZ Four-Shaft-Shredder

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Our talented team have spent decades designing dust extraction systems to suit any industry


Our installation teams have years of experience to make sure the job goes right first time, every time


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VHZ Horizontal Shredders

Suitable for the shredding of very long and oversized; wood waste, long boards, pallets, packaging and paperboard.

How does it work?
The material is fed to the rotor horizontally through a hopper, roller feed, or vibrating channel feeder. The shredders are especially used for shredding longer wood waste. The VHZ-L and VHZ-B series shredders can be used directly next to wood processing machines because of their compact design.

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VHZ Horizontal Shredder

VZ Four-Shaft Shredders

Suitable for the shredding of bulky and very long timber waste, timber cuts, long boards and pallets, types of packaging and cartons.

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VZ Four-Shaft-Shredder

Single Shaft Shredders EZ 5/1 - 8/2

Suitable for the shredding of wood waste; hardwood, softwood, chipboard, MDF, paper, cardboard, remnants.

How does it work?
The EZ 5/1 - 8/2 series shredders are compact and designed for high performance. The shredders can be adjusted according to customer specific requirements for throughput volume, material to be processed, etc.

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Single Shaft Shredders EZ 10/2 - 15/2

The shredder was designed for shredding of large material quantities. The single shaft shredders are suitable for shredding all types of woods, and hard and tough plastics.

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Briquette Presses

For large-scale manufacturing facilities, regular dust extraction is not always enough to safely dispose of all the waste. Using briquette presses helps easily dispose of wood chips, shavings, sawdust and other byproducts of woodworking.

These machines compress wood waste into small blocks allowing you to save money on storage and transportation. These compressed blocks are easier and safer to manage than dust making for a safer work environment. The briquettes can also be burned, providing a cost-effective energy production source.

To ensure an efficient and safe disposal system, we’d recommend combining briquette presses with a wood shredder. The shredder breaks down the larger wood pieces, before they get compressed.

Create a safer work environment for your employees - enquire about our installation service today.