Quick-Fit® Ducting & Components

Browse Extractly’s broad range of Quick-Fit® Ducting components. From pipes and slip ducts to ducting adapters, end caps and O-rings, you will find everything you need for your industrial extraction. Made from galvanised steel, QF ducting is durable and available in a range of sizes. This makes it easily adaptable as your facility expands to meet your new extraction requirements. The quick and easy installation process also guarantees minimum downtime.

Discover the full range of components below and place your order online. If you have any questions or need expert advice, the team is always happy to help, just give us a call. 

20 products found in Quick-Fit® Ducting & Components

1.5M Ducting Pipe (Quick-Fit®)
  • From £20.09
Ducting Clips – Galvanised Nitrile (Quick-Fit®)
  • From £6.97
0.3M Galvanised Slip Duct (Quick-Fit®)
  • From £6.99
O-Ring EPDM For Slip Duct
  • From £2.47
Suspension Ring - Galvanised
  • From £6.02
Ducting Adapter - Smooth Galvanised (Quick-Fit®)
  • From £8.61
Ducting End Cap (Quick-Fit®)
  • From £19.12
Meshed Duct Cap (Quick-Fit®)
  • From £47.69
QF®Adapter Hose Galv
  • From £9.14
QF® Adapter Flanged Galv
  • From £30.73
QF® Jet Cowl Galv
  • From £269.43
QF® Silencer
  • From £158.60
QF® Automatic 45° Diverter RGBM
  • From £985.38
QF® Manual 45° Diverter RGSM
  • From £498.18
QF® Inline Spark Trap Galv
  • From £262.41
Flange Galv 5mm
  • £121.96
QF Ball Joint
  • From £435.42
Jacob UK Throttle Valves 150Ø - 11152560
  • £50.00