Flexible Ducting

 Extractly’s flexible ducting provides a suitable solution in areas with restricted or awkward space. It’s also usually used in installations where rigid ducting wouldn’t be an efficient option. 

When installing flexible ducting in your system it’s important to minimise resistance by pulling the ducting tight. You should also ensure there are no kinks in the ductwork as those can affect the airflow and as a result the efficiency of your system.

Shop flexible ducting, available in various materials and sizes to suit your needs.


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Light Duty Clear PU Flexible Duct
  • From £31.15
Heavy Duty Blue PU Flexible Duct
  • From £31.54
Jubilee Clips
  • From £0.89
Dust Extraction Clean-up Kit
  • £85.00
  • From £143.12
CNC Connection Kit
  • £1,500.00
PROTAPE® PUR 301 AS (XLD) Flexible Hose
  • From £48.09