Servicing & Maintenance

The corrosive characteristic of most dusts, and some fumes, combined with constantly working parts, means your extraction system, like all mechanical equipment, can be susceptible to breakdowns if not regularly serviced. 

Visual inspections are carried out during LEV tests, but Extractly also offer a comprehensive service and maintenance package to ensure key components, such as fans and waste removal mechanisms, are inspected regularly; ensuring your system enjoys maximum up-time.

From routine scheduled servicing, to replacement
parts and breakdowns, Extractly’s got you covered.

The fan is the beating heart of your extraction system, and fan failure can affect the entire production process. Let Extractly maintain your extraction system, to ensure less downtime and more production. 

Quick Turnaround

Most spare parts are kept in stock or are available within days from our large network of suppliers.

High Quality Parts

At Extractly we only use the highest quality parts, to ensure your system runs efficiently for longer.

Rest Easy

Keeping your extraction system regularly maintained will give you some peace of mind that your production won't come to a halt.

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