Quick-Fit® Ducting

Suitable for most dust extraction applications, Quick-Fit® ducting provides an efficient solution, cutting installation time by up to 50%. This not only translates in significant cost  savings, but also keeps downtime to a minimum.

What’s more, Nordfab QF ducting is just as  easy to clean as it is to install. Its reusable design means you don’t have to buy brand new ducting during facility reconfigurations. 

Available in stainless and galvanised steel, Quick-Fit® ducting offers a robust solution for all industrial dust and fume extraction needs. Shop QF ducting components, bends, branches, dampers and more with Extractly.

Quick-Fit® Ducting & Components

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Quick-Fit® Ducting Bends

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Quick-Fit® Std Branch 30°

14 products

Quick-Fit® Dampers

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Quick-Fit® Reducers

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Quick-Fit® Y Branch Galv 60°

14 products

Quick-Fit® Cut in Branches

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Quick-Fit® Cut in Boot Shoes

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QF® Double Branches

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