Dust Extraction Systems

Extractly offer dust extraction systems tailored to the unique requirements of your facility. From initial consultation through to installation and commissioning, our engineers provide you with expert solutions to mitigate the risks posed by dust exposure. Not sure what dust extraction system you need? Book your free consultation today.

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Dust Extraction Equipment

Essential for every manufacturing environment, dust extraction equipment safeguards your employees’ health and wellbeing. Airborne dust must be appropriately managed. Otherwise, it poses a hazard and can cause respiratory disorders, occupational asthma and cancer. By removing dust rather than blowing it back into the work area, dust extraction equipment helps maintain a clean work environment and even protect your machinery. With solutions tailored to your requirements, Extractly can support you in providing a safe and healthy work environment in your workshop. All of our extraction systems are designed and installed on a bespoke basis to ensure they meet your precise needs.

Effective Dust Management

You can rely on Extractly’s experienced engineers to not only solve your current dust extraction issues and meet regulatory standards, but to also improve your existing systems' efficiency. We offer leading technology to help reduce your energy costs while focusing on system quality and reliability. Additionally, we design and install new systems for facilities without effective extraction management systems. To find out how we can help with your dust extraction requirements, book a site evaluation with one of our engineers today.

Accredited Dust Extraction Systems

Extractly’s systems are designed in accordance with the latest industry regulations. Our designers hold the current British Occupational Hygiene Society P602 Proficiency Certificate in Basic Design Principles of Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems.

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Our talented team have spent decades designing dust extraction systems to suit any industry


Our installation teams have years of experience to make sure the job goes right first time, every time


Our P601 trained commissioning engineers have the training and the knowledge to make sure your system is working properly from day one


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Industrial Dust Extraction Units

Dust particles from heavy duty industrial equipment can cause long lasting health damage to workers and customers. Make sure that your facility is compliant and free of airborne dust particles with our industrial dust extraction units. Unsure about what size system your company needs? Contact one of our experts today or give us a call on 01924 601 186.