Quick-Fit® Dampers

Browse Extractly’s range of Quick-Fit dampers, perfect for your dust extraction needs. 

The QF Ducting dampers, also called blast gates, are suitable for use in process ventilation and dust collection systems. Available as manual and automatic variants, dampers allow you to regulate the airflow through a specific section of ductwork. The Quick-Fit® clamp-together connections make installation particularly quick and easy. 

Shop the available dampers below. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Extractly team.

3 products found in Quick-Fit® Dampers

QF® Manual Blast Gate Damper Galv
  • From £107.18
QF® Regulating Damper Galv
  • From £42.85
QF® Auto Damper Galv
  • From £489.54