What can the Ecogate system do for you?

The Ecogate dust collection system provides a solution to high electricity bills in woodworking, welding and manufacturing facilities. Along with cost savings, it helps you enhance working conditions by reducing noise and minimising environmental impact.

The system provides extraction on-demand through sensors and gates installed at each workstation, which communicate with a Ecogate control unit. When a workstation is active, its corresponding sensor reports to the unit. The greenBOX then opens the automatic blast gates for stations in use and closes them to inactive ones, optimising air volume. The reduced air volume requirements allow the Powermaster Variable Frequency Driver to slow down the system fan, decreasing power consumption.

The system is versatile, accommodating your existing dust collectors and fans where applicable. For outdated or insufficient fans and collectors, we can design a new system with recommendations tailored to your needs. Either way, Ecogate's agnostic approach ensures seamless integration, offering a comprehensive solution while allowing for future scalability.

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Ecogate Panel

What are the benefits of Ecogate?

How does Ecogate's energy-saving dust collection save you money?

Industrial extraction systems are one of the largest electricity consumers in factories, accounting for up to 35% of the electricity usage. In many cases, all extraction fans operate from when the machines are turned on to when they are turned off at the end of the day. 

Ecogate's innovative on-demand model addresses this by providing extraction only when machines are in use. This eliminates wasted energy, leading to an average of 68% electricity savings for fume extraction and dust collection systems.

 This technologically advanced system is calibrated to turn on and off based on actual extraction needs, optimising energy-efficiency and sustainability. Not only does Ecogate contribute to significant cost savings, but it also ensures efficient operation, making it a compelling solution for woodworking factories, welding workshops and other industrial facilities.

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Dust Extraction Control System

Ecogate's patented system saves our customers 68% on their dust collection system electricity costs on average. We do this by monitoring and understanding what your machines are doing at all times, and adjusting the ventilation system so that it perfectly matches your needs in real time. Ecogate is Intelligent Ventilation™.

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How Ecogate Works

A sensor is attached to each workstation. When a workstation is in use, its sensor reports this to the greenBOX control unit. The greenBOX opens blast gates to active workstations, and closes blast gates to inactive ones. The reduced air volume requirements let the Power Master Variable Frequency Driver slow down the system fan, which decreases the fan's power consumption. Don't worry - the greenBOX is smart enough to always maintain appropriate transport velocities through your entire duct system. ​ The Ecogate system is agnostic as to which dust collector and fan is used. If you already have a dust collector and fan, we'll be happy to work with it. If you're designing a new dust collection system, we will be equally happy to recommend a great dust collector and fan for you. In fact, we'll design your whole dust collection system for you such that it works perfectly for your requirements, grows with your business, and performs at peak energy efficiency.

Key Components

AC/DC Volt Sensor

Sensors automatically detect when each machine needs suction. 

Suitable for both direct and alternating currents, ranging between 24 V to 230 V. This allows you to connect these versatile sensors to different machine circuits – PLC output, in parallel to contactor coil, AC or DC motors

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Greenbox Controller

The greenBOX controller processes signals from all sensors and controls the entire dust collection system, while maintaining minimum transport air velocities.

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Automatic Blast Gates

Blast gates open automatically to direct airflow where you need and when you need it.

Powermaster VFD

A variable frequency drive automatically adjusts fan air volume to match the total machine requirements in real time while eliminating energy waste. UL & cUL rated.

System Overview

Get complete visibility into your dust extraction system, including energy use, fan and filter pressure, drop & branch air velocities, machine utilisation and more.