Welding Fume Extraction System

Create a healthy work environment with a smart welding fume extraction system from Extractly. As specialists in dust extraction systems and ducting parts, we provide a range of solutions to suit every workshop.

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Experts in Welding Fume Extraction Systems

Our welding fume extraction systems safely capture and remove welding fumes straight from each workstation minimising their spread. From mobile fume extraction solutions to fully comprehensive, multi-user welding fume extraction systems, we have specialised equipment to cover all your needs.

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Our talented team have spent decades designing dust extraction systems to suit any industry


Our installation teams have years of experience to make sure the job goes right first time, every time


Our P601 trained commissioning engineers have the training and the knowledge to make sure your system is working properly from day one

Welding fume extraction units

At Extractly, you can find the ideal welding fume extraction unit to meet your requirements. Offering a wide range of cutting-edge welding fume extractors to suit different workshop environments.

For your workshop to be compliant with the law, you must ensure that workers are protected from welding fumes. This is achieved by using LEV systems, welding extraction units and other respiratory protective equipment (RPE).

Our quality welding dust extraction units can handle a high capacity of smoke and dust come with an extraction capacity starting from 950 m³/h.

With a wide portfolio of completed projects, our skilled team takes care of all your requirements from the design to completion.

If you need help assessing your needs, we offer on-site evaluations of your facilities. Based on this our team puts together a bespoke quote tailored to your precise requirements.

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