New Dust Extraction System for Children's Furniture Manufacturer.

Extractly Ltd recently installed a complete dust extraction system at a Children’s Furniture Manufacturer, including Ecogate energy-saving control technology, a new filter unit, and ductwork to replace an existing system which was now tired and insufficient for the company’s needs.

One of Extractly’s sales engineers visited the factory to review the customers dust extraction requirements and conducted a free energy-saving survey. Extractly’s subsequent proposals for upgrading the company’s extraction included replacing the previous ducting with Nordfab ‘QF’ Quick-Fit clipped ductwork system throughout, along with a new externally sited Nederman LBR SmartFilter with 37kW main fan and rotary valve discharge, together with a smaller 15kW transfer fan and cyclone filter to convey filtered waste to the existing storage silo.

Based on manufacturers’ data, the customers collection of dust-producing machinery required a combined total extraction volume of around 27,900m³/hr. However, Extractly’s survey established that the installation would benefit significantly from the inclusion of Ecogate technology since, in common with most woodworking and joinery manufacturers, their machines are never all in use at the same time. Typically, the machine usage required a maximum extraction capacity of just 22,000m³/hr, and installing Ecogate would further reduce this requirement by around 15%.

Without Ecogate’s energy-saving technology, the system would have required a filter unit with a capacity of around 30,000m³/hr with the main fan operating at full speed, all day, every day. But, with Ecogate’s ‘on-demand’ technology installed, the speed of the main fan will be continuously adjusted to provide optimum extraction, in real-time, and only for machines that are operating at any given point in time. The new Nederman filter unit is designed to offer a total capacity of 22,000m³/h.

Extractly installed an Ecogate greenBOX 12 control unit, which has the capacity to control extraction from up to 12 workstations, and motorised Ecogate dampers are integrated into the ductwork serving each machine. As machines come on or offline, the Ecogate dampers open and close automatically and the greenBOX controller instantly instructs the Ecogate PowerMASTER variable speed drive unit to increase or decrease fan speed to exactly match extraction demand. Directly controlling fan speed in this way not only reduces the filter capacity requirement, but also reduces the power required to run the fan, which in turn will significantly reduce electricity bills – typically cutting the cost of extraction by 50%, with a payback on the initial capital investment in under three years.

Extractly also incorporated several ‘Dust & Waste Clean-up Kits’ which simply connect to the extraction system with 100mm diameter flexible duct; each controlled by an Ecogate ‘Push-to-Run’ button.