Can your extraction system handle the wood dust you create?

When we think of a woodworking environment, you have to think about the number of tools and machinery in use on your site.

Now woodworking can involve everything from sanding and cutting to drilling and planning, all of which create a large volume of wood dust.

You may have a dust extraction system in place, but have you added to your factory set up since the system was put in place? Have you increased production due to demand since your system was last assessed?

As you focus on your production levels, you can sometimes believe your system is both safe and efficient, but as your work area changes, your extraction needs change too.

Wood dust extraction is essential to improve air quality for your staff and the surrounding environments.

Our expert team of designers, installers and engineers have years of experience working on some of the most complex extraction systems to standard independent factory units.

To be able to handle multiple woodworking applications safely and efficiently, we can help you by carrying out a FREE assessment and advise you on an extraction system to suit your needs.

These improvements could include dust collectors, ducting, fans, silos, energy-saving control systems and more.

Not only will improvements ensure a safe working area, but it can improve your economic savings and reduce the impact on the environment.

If you are unsure over your current system, please give us a call on 01924 52046 or email to discuss your dust extraction needs.

Photo by Andrew Ruiz on Unsplash